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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I usually don’t share my personal issues, but now that the secret’s out I thought what the hell.  Mexico, USA, Miami… and Lebanon. Too many countries are dealing with the same problem: drugs. Some people die from cancer, others from heart attacks or any sort of disease, that might be understandable, but to take your life with your own hands? I’m afraid that’s not. My generation might be a little f***** up, but let’s share the blame here. Most of drug addicts are victims of child abuse and domestic violence, and I’m not giving them excuses, hell no, I’m just pointing out facts that our society is suffering from. What I wanted to say was that I had a very close friend of mine who had a lot of problems at home, parents got divorced at a young age, a junky abusive married dad with a kid , a prestigious married mom with another kid, so as you’d predict, the boy took the wrong path. He started to hang out with the wrong people at the wrong places, skipping school, partying every single night, and of course, using Drugs. Things started with an ecstasy pill which is well known in the party zone as a “trance-like state in which an individual transcends normal consciousness”. Then things led to another, and he’s only using ecstasy pills now to wake himself up from a big amount of heroine, speed, and you name it. I have witnessed Horrible things that a normal 16 years old girl wouldn’t have the courage to talk about, but I really wanted to share my experience even if it would mean nothing to you. I knew this guy from a long time and I started noticing the symptoms. I thought I could help him on my own, I didn’t want to turn him in because that might’ve been a backstab so I stood there for a while, but there’s only so much a girl can take.  Making a long story short, he went to the hospital after a serious talk but of course, that wouldn’t do much, he needed rehab. He still refuses that idea, but I did my best. Still, I’m nothing but a human being, I have emotions, and I am still in shock of what happened to me these past few months. I mean, I still don’t get it, why would people do that? Why would they use something they know it’s gonna lead them to nowhere? And what’s even worse is that they sell these substances to other teenagers in order to give them an amount of money. Yeah, people’s life is now measured by the amount of cocaine they hide in their socks drawer. What a shame.. I don’t know if you really get what I’m feeling right now, it’s the first time that words betray me. Here’s a little something I wrote on my way back from school, watching that guy getting into a black Mercedes with a girl who used to be his friend, and now she’s his drug dealer:

Disappointment. What a big word.
Disappointment. The amount of hurt
It still surprises me, I thought I learned not to.
All of the agony, the despair and lies too.
It hit me all the sudden, at the middle of my laughter;
I realized it’s a matter of a happily never after.
What is going on? This isn’t the world
Where Jesus walked on, and God made us from dirt!
Man’s using the gift to destroy another;
I’m talking about the brain, which gonna vanish our Mother.
Life is precious, so is your soul.
To you, your mother, and your whole home.
I hope you’ll understand where this is coming from
I’m talking on the behalf of a mother who’s crying every night
On the behalf of a father whom you barely know his smile
On the behalf of sisters whom you ask money from
On the behalf of brothers who are ashamed to be so.
You say you want to live?
Are you the only one who desires that?
Or all these people are just stupid for walking on the right path?
Stop making excuses.
Handle the truth.
Be grateful for what you have,
I would if I were you.
You are weak. Man up.
Respect yourself for god’s sake and WAKE UP!