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Friday, July 8, 2011

Minds to fill.

A man gets tired, no matter how motivated he might be,
They say this is life, it is hard and never easy.
We run, run, run and run,
Take a deep breath but the change is none.
Some choose the easy path:
drugs, alcohol and more than that;
They find it hard to deal with
All the debts and diseases that doesn't make sense.
Others choose to fight,
And see life from another sight.
They say life goes on,
No matter how hard it gets, we should stay strong.
There's no excuse for foolish behaviors,
Can't stand my mother's tears.
I owe her much more than the suffer
She'll witness over the years.
"Life's a bitch, and then you die"
Heard that phrase so many times.
I repeat it once in a while,
But I know that it's not mine.
I'm an optimist, hope I'll always be
Life is hard, but it Does get easy.
I say it's the way we live it, the way we adapt
It's a matter of a hatred or a joy inside.
People always want more.
I am grateful for what I have;
A shelter, a family, bread and home.
If you think it's not enough, then it's just sad.
You people are missing the big picture here,
Which is to live like no one's near
to watch your moves and to criticize;
The smallest mistake you try to hide.
Life is hard, but it Does get easy
Only when you find your inner peace.
Cause believe me, nothing's gonna make you happy
If deep down inside you still wanna scream.