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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall, how many times should we fall?

She had enough, sick of it all.
She looked in the mirror, saw bruises from her fall.
Silly how could she be?
Out of all people, she believed
That he is the one, the one for her
After all, she was desperate, and God was she hurt..
He fooled her with words he learned from here and there
She should have known better, that's all I have to say.
Ashamed and scared from the stupidest mistakes.
They say you'll learn with time.. Hasn't time moved yet?
Looking in her mirror, she can't notice but the scars
Then looked in deeper, and saw her broken heart.
She stepped back, not aware of what she noticed,
Fell on the ground, wth tears wrote down "Stupid".
She refuses to be a joke, for him or anyone else
But after what happened, could she really say that?
I looked up in my mirror, trying to calm her down;
She refused to listen, I have always been a stubborn.
She draw a smile on her face, and faked it like I always did
Stepped away from the mirror, but her soul was stuck there.

P.S- this one is fictitious.

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